A person who already stay in Japan

Those who have not passed the exam:I will apply for the exam.

Those who passed the exam:We will introduce a company soon.

The cost is the fee (about 10,000 yen) required to switch VISA and if you ask an administrative scriveneruse, the cost (max. 100,000 yen).

Administrative scrivener costs may be unnecessary. First of all, we will accept and interview you. Please contact us.

Those who are looking for a job in Japan

1:Examination fee for the exam (around 2000 yen)
2:Visa application fee (about 10,000 yen)
3:※ Travel expenses (may be paid by the company)
A: If you proceed by yourself
It is a total of 1+2=12000 yen (+3).
B: When using a sending organization
A+Additional fee